Kathy Carmody Tribute Show — Her Voice in Music, Tall Alaska Tale, and More!

Kathy Carmody touched lives

Kathy Carmody touched lives

Our Big Alaska Show Tribute podcast to Kathy Carmody is available at  www.bigalaskashow.com!

Featuring Deke Sharon, Mike Mendike (Dick Van Dyke quartet), Jim Clark (Storm Front), Kathy Carmody, Alaska Sound Celebration, Deb Kirkendall (Velvet Hills Chorus), Tall Alaska Tale, Big Alaska Show Blend and more!

Kathy made a BIG impact in Alaska and on the lives of thousands of women and men internationally who love to sing barbershop/ a cappella. 

Because Kathy opened the door to an international barbershop family for us, we met some interesting guests with some fun interviews!

Only one thing could keep Kathy Carmody from attending the 2019 Sweet Adeline Convention in New Orleans; Heaven needed her to coach their chorus! 

Listen now, or download for later.