Alaska Military Heritage Museum

Gary Olson in Washington D.C. — Alaska Military Heritage Museum

Gary Olson is a BIG Alaskan. At 6’6” (or reportedly 6’8” during basketball season) he really is a big Alaskan!  Plenty big to make an impact in the nation’s capital to generate support for helping our Armed Services veterans. As the CEO/Chairman of the Alaska Military Heritage Museum, Gary is spearheading an effort to take the organization to the next level that will not only help Alaskan veterans, but veterans all over the USA. Through the Veteran’s Internship Program, veterans will be able to train for new careers to help them build a stable and rewarding path back into civilian life.

Plus the AMHM with the Big Alaska Show will be championing the awareness and prevention of the skyrocketing suicide rate in our veterans. Learn more at the AMHM website.

Check out Gary’s interview from our show (at the top of this post)!