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Sudsy Slim Rides Again!


When Chad Carpenter shows up, you can count

on two things: He will shamelessly promote his new

Movie, Sudsy Slim Rides Again. AND, he will bring his

Public Relations Director, Tammy Parker.  Chad’s no

fool, he knows we’d rather look at her than him!  

(plus, she brings food, thanks Tammy!)


Sudsy’s a sort of Tundra Comics back in the saddle.

For more about Sudsy Slim Rides Again check out

Chad’s creative kickstarter! It’s awesome!  



We’re Streaming!

Alaska Filmmakers Charlie Sears & Jeremy Blake

streamed our show on Facebook Live

proving what we’ve maintained all along:

we have a face for radio!


Note Jeremy Blake’s positive disposition …

compared to Charlie Sears’ dealing with

making us look good on an early Saturday morning!

While Jeremy has rapture of the deep …

Charlie has rupture of the groin!

Thanks Alaska Filmmakers!