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Conductors from Alaska to Texas talking Tubas!

Tuba Christmas-Neal Haglund

Anchorage Tuba Christmas conductor, Neal Haglund, directs Tuba Christmas favorites!

Neal is our in-studio guest talking about the coolest instrument … the tuba?!  Heck yeah!

Texas Big Alaska Show Tourist “visits” Us!

A Tall Alaska Tale Awaits Our Visitor!

Shoop with tuba outside UTB Fine Arts Center

Texas Tuba Christmas conductor, Dr. Stephen Shoop,

(Steve- a name you can trust!)

is the Johnny Appleseed of Tuba Christmas. He and Neal talk a universal language – Tuba.

So much to know about Tuba Christmas … who knew

Steve enlightens us!



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Segment 1 Intro – Mike and Neal set up the show

Segment 2 Neal Haglund and Mike Ford talk Anchorage Tuba Christmas

Segment 3 Dr. Stephen Shoop talks about Tuba Christmas and history

Segment 4 Steve Shoop plays Tall Alaska Tales!