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Alaska Sound Celebration!

Rondy Melodrama Time!

Alaska’s premier a cappella chorus performs at Fur Rondy’s favorite event!

It’s their 28th year for this highly entertaining, raucous, pop-corn throwin’ melodrama! Plus awesome singing to boot!

Tickets and information:  www.alaskasoundcelebration.org

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Internationally Acclaimed!

Alaska Sound Celebration is a true Alaskan treasure!

Dedicated to musical and performance excellence, these ladies have the time of their lives while enriching the lives of others.



Tall Alaska Tale

ASC director, Peggy Benton, and our Big Alaska Show Barbershop Reporter, Jan L. Matthews, take on this tale … is it the truth or a no good lyin’ through your tooth Tall Alaska Tale?!

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Jim Balamaci Tribute

Mike Ford Remembers

Alaska lost a BIG Alaskan. Jim Balamaci was longtime president of Alaska Special Olympics who made a difference in the lives of thousands, including Mike Ford’s daughter, Lael, who was a Special Olympian. Hear his tribute.

Photo compliments www.adn.com

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