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A Cappella Fun!

Eddie Martinez, A cappella coach from Austin, TX joins the very talented Jazz Mom and East High School music director, Melissa Fischer!

They share their program “Men Can Sing” to get high school guys singing and feel the life-altering experience it offers.

Eddie and Melissa are here to tell us.  Katy Green, music director of Bartlett, couldn’t make it – but she is a major part of the awesome team!

Great insight into the talent teaching our kids. Be proud Alaska!!




BIG SUCCESS! 4 high schools participated with more than 70 guys for a Friday a cappella workshop at Bartlett High School.


KTVA 11 News Coverage

Awesome story about Men Can Sing!

Thanks to KTVA 11’s David Goldman for hanging with us and producing this aca-awesome news story!



Tourists and Tall Alaska Tales!

We love playing Tall Alaska Tales© with our out-of-state visitors.

Especially if they’re Texans! Keith Richbourg, old time friend for Eddie and fellow Vocal Majority singer,

shared some stories and played Tall Alaska Tales. We didn’t tell them we win our own prizes. We almost felt guilty watching them wring their hands trying to answer this one … almost!

Tall Alaska Tale Podcast ]