The 30th Annual Polar Bear Jump-off!

Saturday, 12:30p, January 17th

Seward, Alaska

Polar Bear Jump Off-Rocket Men Polar Bear Jump Off jumpers

Thirty years later, the All-America City of Seward, Alaska still shows up to support jumpers raising money and awareness to fight cancer!

Join us! Experience a portion of last year’s show recorded in Seward. Great Cabin Fever Reliever!

Polar Bear jump Off-south view crowd

[PODCAST ] Polar Bear Segment


Meet Dr Gordon Snyder and Scrappy!

Gordon and Scrappy

Creator of Whales Without Borders,  Gordon Snyder brings us the world of whales- explained at a 6th grade level– perfect for us!

[ PODCAST ] Gordon Snyder talks Whales Without Borders and Tall Alaska Tales

[ PODCAST ] Hear the entire show!