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The Mayor of KodiaQ?!

A UniQue Mayor Indeed!

Kodiak Mayor Pat Branson, and film producer,

Steve Rychetnik, tell us about projects with

Skoda Auto (from the Czech Republic) that

changed the face of Kodiak – er, KODIAQ!


A creative way to promote KODIAQ – and Kodiak!



The KAROQ features this Kolorful Kodiak Kast!



More information on Kodiak:



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Mayor Pat shares a little of her background:

[  Segment 2 ]


Mayor Pat & Steve talk Skoda commercials:

[  Segment 3 and 4 ]


Tall Alaska Tale

Mayor Pat Branson and Steve Rychetnik

play Tall Alaska Tales.  They may win elections

and commercial awards, but now they’re on

our turf.  How did they do? Check it out!

[  Tall Alaska Tale ]