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Best Radio Show 2018

The Alaska Broadcaster’s Association awarded us the

“Best Radio Show 2018.” We are honored and surprised!

More importantly, we are grateful to have spent these last 12 years

meeting interesting people who enrich the lives of others!

And they become our friends, just as you will when you listen to

our show! Designed to raise your spirits, not your blood pressure!


Rocky Barnette Joins Us!

Rocky Barnette has decades broadcast experience under his belt.

From Fairbanks, he has his own radio show. But how many of

his listeners know his background and his path? 

Check out our podcast with Rocky!

He even tried one of our Tall Alaska Tales!

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Rocky Interview 2 ]

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Veteran’s Day

My dad (left) was captain of his crew that flew paratroopers during WWII.

His squadron dropped the Band of Brothers. 

Truly the greatest generation!

Here is his story.

Max Farrand Stripling Interview  ]