Wildlife, Wetlands, and Ward!

Most of us know what wildlife is, fewer about wetlands … but who or what the heck is Ward?!

Let’s start with Potter Marsh.

Potter Marsh Boardwalk Sign

A wildlife refuge and wetland on the outskirts of South Anchorage, Potter Marsh visitors can walk the elevated wooden walkway to view various wildlife in their natural habitat.  It’s awesome! Check it out the Alaska Fish & Game website.

Potter Marsh Boardwalk and mountains

Volunteers play a big role at Potter Marsh.  Meet Ward!

We had a nice chat with Ellen Grover right before they kicked off the season with their Discovery Day June 1, 2019.  Ellen is the Wildlife Education and Outreach Specialist for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation – Region II. Whew - long title! But she talked to us about what she does, what Discovery Day was and some things you’ll find in Potter Marsh.  By the way, all locals, everyone – calls it Potter’s Marsh. But it’s Potter Marsh – who knew!

Check out the audio interview with Ellen.

Potter Marsh is also a wetland.  To learn more about wetlands and their importance we turn to Gordon Snyder!

Dr. Gordon Snyder

Dr. Gordon Snyder is our Science Guy for the Big Alaska Show. A true scientist, Gordon’s resume is extensive and brings a broad interdisciplinary scientific skillset to help expand our knowledge and appreciation of the Alaska that surrounds us. Gordon is a teacher with a style that’s folksy, down-to-earth and fun!   Because he started as a college intern in the early 60’s working with computers that were the size of large rooms, he has evolved with them and has designed many websites to support his scientific research.

Check out his whales Facebook page.

Here’s a mindblower. Visit Gordon’s Water Center website and realize he’s built all of the other sites he lists .

By the way, the artwork are clay models provided by his son, Barry, when he was 8 years old!  Today, Barry is an accomplished musician/arranger/composer/producer and has his own band in Seattle. Check out his Facebook page!