Kim Carlson: Polar Bear Jumper Cancer Survivor

For 10 years Kim has been a regular attendee of the Polar Bear Jump Off in Seward, AK. This fundraiser for the American Cancer Society has received national attention, and happens in January in Seward, AK.
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When Kim’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, they attended the Polar Bear Jump Off together. When Kim’s mother passed, Kim continued to come every year raising tens of thousands of dollars and jumping on behalf of those fighting cancer and their families. Each year Kim had a different theme and costuming to match. 

Here, Kim and her now husband, Pete, dedicated a jump to David Clancy, the beloved brother of the director, Greg Clancy, of the Vocal Majority in Dallas, TX.

Kim impressed the ACS so much, they hired her! With a new job and looking forward to marrying Pete that year, it looked like an exciting year ahead. Then Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

In spite of that, Kim vowed to jump again, kept raising money for others during her treatment and even got married!

When Greg Clancy heard the news about Kim, he and his chorus, the Vocal Majority, sent her a message. We invited Kim and Pete to an event and surprised her by playing this video:.

Kim Carlson is a BIG ALASKAN and more than worthy of the BIG ALASKAN AWARD!

Thank you, Kim and Pete!