Ramblings with Mike Ford

Mike Ford

Co-Host, the Big Alaska Show!

This is one of my favorite times of year. Spring is just around the corner. Muni workers are beginning to fill potholes ( I counted 7 in my neighborhood alone!) and it won’t be long before street sweepers take winters grime away.  Climate change may be making our winters wonky but I am going to keep my snow tires on a little bit longer. I just have a feeling Mother Nature has another April snow surprise waiting for us (Remember when they had to cancel the heart run a couple of years ago?)

Everyone knows I love my Big Alaska Show Blend coffee. I like is strong and hot. Now I am looking at adding tea to my day. If you are a tea drinker I could use your help. I hear green tea is good for some things, black tea for others, what is your preference?

As we get ready to make our summer plans do you have a great Alaskan getaway planned? I think back to the places I have enjoyed visiting; Homer, Denali, Talkeetna.Where will you go this summer? Are you a weekend road trip type or make the big epic trip kind of person? As you make your plans one piece of advice, don’t forget your bug dope!

Remember we always want to hear about your Big Alaskan Adventures and we could always use an idea or two for our coffee break or your very own Tall Alaska Tale! 

Thanks for listening to the Big Alaska Show!